Knowing David

The key is knowing how to listen, focus on outcomes,
and be human centered, not technology centered. 
Let the computer work for us, not the other way around.
Technology is a tool, nothing more.

My Story

I have been in the computer industry since 1984.  Beginning my career working with PC's and productivity applications, I have worked in a variety of roles from programmer to technical support, to small business owner, to educational labs consultant, to dealer network manager, and have worn many other hats. I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Oklahoma, have written mission critical applications for a variety of businesses large and small, managed a technical support call center and written dozens of software guides. A source of pride has been a software program that lets charities match free medical care with indigent patients and track various metrics for analysis purposes, see Charisma Salus for more information.  Most recently, I have written several systems for Lenders Risk Services for insurance claim and premium management.

Hundreds of adults have been trained in products such as Microsoft Office, accounting software and vertical industry solutions. In addition to software application training, I have conducted training in technical support, problem solving skills and customer service.


Many of the individuals that you invite into your organization may have a lot of experience but not a lot of variety, but I have:

  • Owned a small business and had to focus on increasing business value to make payroll - there is no sharper focus than paying a dozen employees.
  • Worked for multi-billion dollar corporations, small businesses, non-profits and was a university instructor in Computer Science for over nine years.
  • Developed applications for manufacturing, finance, healthcare, insurance industries and others with a focus on easy to use interfaces.
  • Developed applications for non-profits that serve healthcare, environmental efforts and a volunteer fire department.

David's Other Interests