Projects...past and present

Finding the right key

Some Past & Present Projects

project 1

Liability, Property, Flood 

This web based platform will support REO, forced place and retail CPI for banks and auto dealers.  Expected complete in October 2011. 

project 2


Web based management of VSI reporting of both claims and premiums providing real time management of claims and payments.

project 3

Charisma Salus

Allows over a dozen charities across the US to coordinate free medical care for those who would not otherwise be able to afford it.

project 4

Enhanced Care Management

  • Expired
  • Charity Disbanded

Patient database for this non-profit agency chartered to provide case management to the citizens of Sedgwick County, Kansas, but state funding cut during the recession.

project 5

Membership and billing software for managing the homeowners within this Oklahoma Title 18 fire district.

project 6

Insurance Pre-Cert

This custom database to facilitate RN's providing pre and post certification of medical stays cut operating expenses in half.

project 7

Membership DB

This custom database was written to support the annual physicians directory and provide web updates for a physician search app.

project 8

Cost Tracking

This project for the Real Estate division worked to convert dozens of legacy Access databases into a single comprehensive production and cost tracking tool.

project 9

Manufacturing QC

From 1998-2002, created a variety of applications to support ISO certification, QC, realtime web updates on production and other manufacturing support apps.